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2020 United States Census | Community Living & Support Services

2020 United States Census

Why This Count Is Conducted

The census provides critical data that lawmakers, business owners, teachers, and many others use to provide daily services, products, and support for you and your community. Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data.

Participating in the census is required by law. A complete and accurate count is critical for you and your community, because the results of the 2020 Census will affect community funding, congressional representation, and more.

People with disabilities make up 26% of the American public, yet they are one of the groups that are most missed in the census count each time. It is estimated that the census numbers are used to distribute $675 billion nationally, and over $26 billion in the state of Pennsylvania alone. There is a variety of program funding that comes from census data, such as educational grants, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, school lunch programs, section 811 housing opportunities, transportation programs (such as Port Authority or ACCESS) and much more. It is estimated that every individual that is not counted in the census is equal to $2000 lost per person.

CLASS is committed to making sure all participants have the opportunity to participate in the 2020 census. This year the census can be done online, over the phone, or by postal mail. If you would like assistance completing the census, we will have trained staff at our office that can assist you, as well as computers available to complete the census. If you need help completing your census forms, please contact Shannon McCarty or Makenzie White at the contact information below to set up an appointment. Appointments will be Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, but may be scheduled outside of these times as needed.

Shannon McCarty
Development Director

Makenzie White
Quality Compliance Coordinator

To complete the census online, go to my2020census. You can use the 12-digit Census ID found in the materials you received in the mail or at your door, or log in with your home address to fill out the census.

If you are interested in getting more information about the census and how it works you can visit becounted2020

For a 2-page document of questions and answers about the census in Allegheny County, click on the link below.

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