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Legal Services | Community Living & Support Services
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Legal Services

CLASS' Legal Consultation staff has extensive experience working with attorneys on the complex legal issues confronting people with disabilities. Based on an hourly rate, legal consultants review documentation, provide written life care plans or expert opinions, and provide depositions or in-court testimonies in connection with personal injury and catastrophic loss disputes. They also consult on ADA- related matters and provide service partnerships.

Cases are assigned to a legal consultant who can provide hands-on support to the attending attorney. Serious personal injury cases are reviewed, and an in-depth consultation is scheduled. The attorney provides directions and often receives a written report. For personal injury or catastrophic loss cases, the Legal Consultation team reviews and consults on related case histories.

The following services are provided:

ADA Consultation
The passage of the American's with Disabilities Act brought about an awareness of the need to provide accessible facilities to people with disabilities. Corporations and public facilities are seeking ways to not only be in compliance with the ADA, but also become more disability-friendly. Calls are received from organizations that have legal or formal concerns about being more sensitive to accessibility issues. They want to make sure people with disabilities can really use their facility. An ADA Consultant is on staff and is able to assist a business or other organization to be compliant with ADA regulations and accessible for customers or participants with disabilities.

Catastrophic Loss Suits
In the case of catastrophic loss, consultants prepare legal opinions for the defense considering negligence as it relates to abilities. A review of the situation leading up to the allegation is made, and a written opinion is rendered on the care provided.

General Consults
The Legal Consultation team works with an array of community experts who understand disability issues and have vast experience in their specific areas. With their help, the consulting staff provides recommendations for extensive home modifications, accessibility, and psychological and neuro-psychiatric evaluations. They are also available as trainers in risk management.

Life Care Plans
Plaintiff attorneys retain CLASS when preparing a Life Care Plan for a client. This plan details the projected cost of care based on life expectancy. Each phase of an individual's life is broken into eras and examined with regard to rehabilitation and medical support services. Adaptive and augmentative equipment that will enhance their level of community participation is recommended. Written reports include comprehensive social history, present physical and cognitive functioning, recommendations for services from childhood to retirement, and projected costs throughout the later adult years. Life Care Plan services also include case management, educational assistance, vocational support, and attendant care needs.

The plan also outlines suggestions for recreational activities, as well as medical necessities.

For more information, please contact Melva Fair at 412.683.7100 ext. 2126.