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Books & Publications

Books & Publications

This book makes this very case, and offers strategies, actions and clear examples of how building relationships create a more formidable route to community success.

In initial examinations and from interviews and personal testimonies, it was discovered that people with disabilities are often limited in opportunities and resources to build, develop, or maintain social capital.

Beyond Difference examines our culture and institutions and challenges readers to ask why our society is having difficulty balancing narrow social trends such as mechanization with the common good.

Recognizing the limitations of the medical/expert approach, Interdependence offers a new prescription for change based on partnership.

Opening the Doors to Community is an educational series that provides helpful information for recreation facilities, community centers, religious organizations and businesses.

Together is Better chronicles the progress completed by CLASS Kids during the first two years of their project and serves as a guide for community inclusion.

By exploring the roles, expectations, behavior, and stereotypes of people with and without disabilities, this manual lays the foundation for personal growth and larger societal change.

Cultural Shifting conquers the elusive subjects of change and leadership and the relevance they have to everyone, not only those in disability services.