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Social Capital: The Key To Macro Change | Community Living & Support Services
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Social Capital: The Key To Macro Change

Social Capital is a term that summarizes the value (tangible and intangible) of the relationships in our lives. It is closely associate with healthfulness, happiness, and even life expectancy. It is absolutely fundamental to life success and promotes pro social behaviors in the greater community.

Yet sadly, many people with disabilities are limited in social capital and remain isolated in ways that are manifested in unemployment, limited housing, transportation disparities, and limited opportunities in the greater community.

As traditional human services continue to focus on the elements of disability in an effort to address these ills, we are convinced that the key to change is not found in addressing the disability, but in promoting social capital, which in turn, will change attitudes, assumptions, and promote greater opportunities.

This book makes this very case, and offers strategies, actions and clear examples of how building relationships create a more formidable route to community success. Building on the constructs found in sociology, and anthropology, the authors offer a focused and cogent formula for change.

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