Image of CLASS Pittsburgh Program Facilities

The neighborhoods and communities CLASS interacts with are important to the mission of the agency. It not only benefits CLASS to support individuals with disabilities as they work to become members of the community, but it grows relationships between the agency and the community at large. One way CLASS fosters the building of relationships is through our Community Service Centre.

The CLASS Community Service Centre, in addition to being the headquarters for many programs and services, is a dynamic place where people with and without disabilities meet, interact, and share common interests. Throughout the year, the Centre hosts support groups, community meetings and events, and non-profit programs. During the evening, the Community Service Centre is still active as community members mingle in our building while participating in various meetings and activities.

Since its opening in September of 2011, the CLASS Community Service Centre, has provided meeting and training space to many area organizations and community groups.

By developing new relationships with the community, we hope to find bridges which allow effective friendships to grow, and foster our mission of ‘Working Toward a Community Where Each Belongs’.

The Centre has several flexible meeting areas which can accommodate between 6 and 100 people.

  • Meeting spaces are fully accessible and the building is equipped with accessible restrooms.
  • Meeting spaces are equipped with presentation, projection, and sound support.
  • There is a parking lot on the premises.
  • A full-service kitchen is available with a range, refrigerator, and prep space.
  • Staff is on hand for security and maintenance, including setting up meeting spaces.

The Centre is available for regularly scheduled meetings as well as one-time events. The cost for use of the Centre varies depending on the scope of the request and the financial resources of the requesting party. The Centre hosts regular meetings of support groups, and provides meeting and training space for other nonprofit organizations. The CLASS Community Service Centre is also available for area organizations seeking a venue for a special event.

For more information about Community Service Centre, please contact CLASS at 412-683-7100 or toll-free at 1-888-954-2424.