CLASS does not have an exact definition of a “Success Story” because each person determines their own success. One person’s success will not match what others may see as a success.

The stories that are featured in this section are examples of individuals making strides to reaching their personal goals or exemplify the mission and values of CLASS. These individuals are creating opportunities for themselves and are modeling what CLASS stands for.

CLASS’s Residential Services is proud to offer a more individualized approach to care which makes trips, like Michael’s, possible.

Through the one-on-one Community Habilitation support, Don is able to participate in his community again.

Ann received the support she needed to remain in her own home as an active member of her community. 

I’m quite thankful to have found skilled, hardworking, and responsible attendants who assist me on weekdays and weekends.

Respite Awareness Week brought together family caregivers, stakeholders, providers, and community members.

Michael feels that he belongs in his community by participating in different opportunities and meeting new people through CLASS.

PIAT Services through CLASS connect individuals with the assistive technologies they need to lead more independent lives. 

Mark, with assistance from his Community Partner, met with his supervisor to discuss the challenges he was facing.

By improving both her strength and spirit, Chris has more confidence in her own ability complete her day-to-day activities.

The effective transition results from communication and the staff’s willingness to learn about individual needs.

Through a grant, CLASS provided over 40 hours of training to more than 300 direct-care workers from 10 organizations.

John continues to live in his home and has been successful in managing all aspects of his life independently.

Donald has made great strides toward achieving his goals since he moved to CLASS’ Residential Services.

Sally Balogh is the perfect example of someone who recognizes challenges and moves on despite them.

Bruce is living life to the fullest, being as independent as possible in his own home and enjoying the outdoors.

Jason believes he can make an impact in not only his own life, but in the lives of others.

Margie is confident in her abilities, is no longer fearful of transfers and is still sharing suggestions on how to do tasks differently.

The skills and experience Michael gained at CLASS allowed her to take the next big adventure in her life: moving out of her family home.

Leslie speaks often of how much she loves and values her work at CLASS because it gives her the opportunity to help others.

Mark has been utilizing staff support to explore vocational options and has been scheduling interviews for positions of interest.

Bob is extremely appreciative that he can be at home with his wife and children and no longer paying the $600 monthly fee.