Employment Services

Image of Employment Service Representatives for those with disabilities.

Community Living And Support Services (CLASS) Centre Services offers several programs for individuals to increase interdependence through participation in classes that teach daily living skills.

Vocational Services provides volunteer opportunities through assessing marketable skills and working with individuals on a one-to-one basis. Supported employment is an option for appropriate candidates and provides job development, job coaching, and follow-up.

The Vocational Services Program works with individuals who have physical and/or cognitive disabilities to develop and enhance their work skills. This is achieved by a combination of classroom instruction and community volunteer placements, based on an individual's preferences. Services are offered to individuals over the age of 18, but the age requirement can be negotiated for young adults beginning to transition out of high school. Individuals learn how to research available positions, complete applications, and conduct interviews for potential employment. In order to enhance work retention skills, when possible, individuals are supported with volunteer placements by staff. Typically the person’s day is shared between class time and volunteer activities. Placements are available based on individual interests, transportation availability, and degree of support required by the individual.

Supported Employment is also offered through Vocational Services. A job coach is assigned to each individual in an effort to teach specific skills related to the position. The job coach will determine strategies that enable the person to maximize their full potential and encourage a successful placement. The ultimate goal of the job coach is to fade support over a determined period of time by developing alternative support within the workplace.

For more information about Vocational Services or to make a referral, please call Mallory Hudson, Outreach Coordinator, at 412-683-7100 ext. 2178, 1-888-954-2424, or email mhudson@classcommunity.org. You may also use our online contact form.