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Mission & Vision | Community Living & Support Services
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Mission & Vision

The mission of CLASS is to support people with disabilities as they explore options, participate in the community, and strive toward equality. We are "WORKING TOWARD A COMMUNITY WHERE EACH BELONGS."

The vision of CLASS is to be the provider of choice for people with disabilities and their families; to be the employer of choice for new and existing staff; and to be the investment of choice for individual, corporate, and foundation donors.

Guiding Principles

  • We support the uniqueness, wholeness and dignity of each person. We shall strive to respond to the individual needs and preferences of each person we support and serve.
  • We enthusiastically advocate for the rights of people with disabilities so they may fully participate in and contribute to community life. This includes enjoying a secure home, family, friends, education, services, and work they find meaningful.
  • We view all human life as having equal and unconditional value. Each life should be nurtured, respected, celebrated, and fulfilled.
  • We support the life-long process of personal growth and development of all people.
  • We will take every opportunity to educate others and to advocate for the basic civil rights of people with disabilities:
    • "The Right to prevention, early diagnosis and proper care.
    • The right to a barrier-free environment and accessible transportation.
    • The right to necessary assistance given in a way that promotes independence.
    • The right to a choice of lifestyle and residential alternatives.
    • The right to an income for a lifestyle comparable to the able-bodied.
    • The right to training and employment as qualified.
    • The right to petition social institutions for just and humane treatment.
    • The right to self-esteem."

      ~ Bill of Rights for the Disabled

  • We emphasize cooperation in getting things done through and with the people we serve.
  • We vigilantly adhere to these values.