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Good Use Program | Community Living & Support Services

Good Use Program

Similar to the REEP Program offered by PIAT, The Good Use Program allows individuals to donate or obtain gently used assistive technology devices. Through this program, Pennsylvania residents who may not have the funds necessary to acquire the assistive technology devices (walkers, hoyer lifts, bath seats and toilet seats, transfer benches and transfer boards, bedside commodes, over bed tables, manual wheelchairs, daily living aids (eating, dressing, etc.), assistive listening devices, blind/low vision aids, adapted telephones, communication and computer-related devices, canes and crutches, adaptive games, toys, and recreational devices) that would allow them to live, work, or play as independently as possible in the communities of their choice are able to get the equipment for little to no cost. 

There are no age requirements to participate. If you would like to donate gently-used equipment to the Good Use Program use our simple donation form.

Current Inventory

Mobility, Seating and Positioning
Item Number Title Condition Notes Request
3WHROLL-001 Three-Wheeled Rollator Excellent Great little Rollator for narrow spaces. This item does not have a seat like four-wheeled Rollators do. request
LIFTSEAT-001 Power Assist Lift Seat Fair request
MWC-004 TiLite Titanium Manual Wheelchair Fair Lightweight manual chair in fair condition. Chair folds for easy transport. No cushion is included and chair needs a new front caster wheel. request
MWC-005 Manual Wheelchair Good This wheelchair back is 34" tall. The chair is fitted for/comes with a Daisy Mount for a communication device. It has a cushion, but you will need to get a new one. The seat is 20" X 20". request
PEDWALK-001 Pediatric Walker Excellent request
ROLL-001 Rollator Walker Good request
STCANE-002 Straight Cane Excellent Black metal request
STCANE-003 Folding Straight Cane Good Folds for compact storage. request
STCANE-004 Straight Cane Excellent request
STCANE-005 Straight Cane Excellent request
WALKER-001 Walker Good This walker does not have wheels. request
WALKER-002 Walker Excellent request
WALKER-003 Walker Excellent request
WALKER-004 Walker Excellent request
WHWALK-001 Wheeled Walker Excellent request
WHWALK-002 Wheeled Walker Excellent request
WHWALK-003 Wheeled Walker Good Item needs new end cap for one leg. These are available at any pharmacy. request
WHWALK-004 Wheeled Walker Good request
Daily Living
Item Number Title Condition Notes Request
BPCUFF-001 Blood Pressure Cuff Excellent Uses 4 AAA batteries. CVS Health brand. No instruction manual, but easy to operate. request
BPCUFF-002 Blood Pressure Cuff Excellent request
BSC-003 Bedside Commode Excellent no bucket request
BSC-004 Bedside Commode Excellent no bucket-has shoot to go Into toilet request
ELTOILET-001 Elevated Toilet Seat Good This elevated toilet seat goes over your existing toilet seat and adjusts to fit. Adds 4.5 inches to seat height. request
RTOILET-001 Raised Toilet Seat Good request
SBENCH-001 Shower Bench Excellent 20 inches long, weight capacity 300 pounds. request
UNDERRAIL-002 Under Bed Rail Excellent request
Recreation, Sports and Leisure
Item Number Title Condition Notes Request
RE-VERSATRAINER-001 Versatrainer by Promax Good This is a wheelchair accessible weight trainer. We think all of the parts are there, but you may need to by any missing parts online. Machine is very heavy and large and will require a pick-up truck for hauling. request
Item Number Title Condition Notes Request
TL CRYSTAL-001 Crystal Tone Amplified Phone Excellent request
TL-C4230-001 Clarity C4230 Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine Fair Needs new Rechargeable Battery pack request
TL-CAPTEL800-001 CapTel 800 Captioned Phone Excellent request
TL-CTRING-001 Crystal Tone Loud Ringer Excellent request
TL-CTRING-002 Crystal Tone Loud Ringer Excellent request
TL-XL50-001 Clarity XLC2 Amplified Phone Fair needs AC power Adaptor request
Environmental Adaptations
Item Number Title Condition Notes Request
TL-FORTISSIMO-001 Fortissimo Switch Activated Phone Excellent request