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Assistive Technology Keeps Families Together | Community Living & Support Services
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Assistive Technology Keeps Families Together

Bob was living in a nursing home and wanted to move back home. He was approved for services through the Independence Waiver to receive services once he was in the community, but could not receive any services while living in a nursing home. The nursing home could not release him because his home needed accessible accommodations in order for him to live there comfortably and safely. Bob was in this “Catch 22” situation for 10 months. He called every state agency he could think of about the situation, but received no assistance. To further compound Bob’s situation, he was forced to pay the nursing facility $600 a month, creating a financial hardship for his wife and children and they soon were having difficulty paying their bills.

Enter CLASS. With the generous help from a grant awarded by BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania, CLASS was able to intervene through the Assistive Technology and Home Modification Program. After meeting with Bob and his family, staff gained an understanding of what Bob would need in order to remain safely in his home. A ramp to his front door was built and his front door was widened. A stair glide was also installed so Bob could utilize the second floor bathroom. With these initial adaptations, Bob was able to return to his home. The waiver program then paid for modifications to the bathroom, allowing Bob to remain at home for many years to come. Bob is extremely appreciative that he can be at home with his wife and children and no longer paying the $600 monthly fee to live in a place he did not want to be. Bob’s role of “head of household” has been reinstated and he is taking care of paying the bills to support his family.