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I’m quite thankful to have found skilled, hardworking, and responsible attendants who assist me on weekdays and weekends.

Jeff has been an advocate in the Pittsburgh community, holding leadership positions within the public and private sector. Well-respected by his peers, Jeff is known for his great sense of humor and patience. Due to his hard work and dedication, many look to Jeff for advice and guidance in disability-related issues and supervisory matters. Jeff’s picture was even featured on a Port Authority Bus in honor of his work with the Americans With Disabilities Act, as 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the landmark legislation.  
Beyond his numerous professional accomplishments, there has always been another factor that has assisted Jeff in both his professional and private life.  Due to physical limitations from a neuromuscular disability since birth, Jeff needs assistance from a personal care attendant to support him through his daily activities.  Because Jeff depends on these services to remain active in his community, he understands and appreciates the value of a reliable, courteous attendant.  Jeff has received most of his attendant care services from CLASS since 1998.  Jeff applauds CLASS for “thinking outside the box” to ensure his care needs are met.  This is his statement about his experience with the Attendant Care Program and his attendant, Lenny.  
“I wanted to let you know what a good experience I’ve been having with Lenny as a weekend and fill in attendant.  CLASS establishing a process that allows employees of one program to easily support the needs of another CLASS program has proven to be a benefit for both Lenny and myself.
For my part, my need was for a steady, reliable, and professional person to provide Attendant Care services on the weekends.  Lenny’s need as a part time employee of CLASS Centre Services was to find additional work and income that wouldn’t interfere with his weekday position as an Advocate, which Lenny fully enjoys.  Lenny’s working weekdays with Centre Services and weekends with Attendant Care and me, meets all of our needs very well.
Additionally, this crossover has allowed Lenny to find supplemental hours in his chosen field of work instead of some non-related part time job.  At the same time, I’m likewise benefiting from the same fact that Lenny comes as an experienced professional in attendant care services.  I can’t emphasize enough his careful skills, thoroughness, and attention to detail, all of which are a credit to himself and his Centre Services and Attendant Care training.
I’m really fortunate and quite thankful to the many other very skilled, hardworking, and responsible attendants who assist me on weekdays and weekends as well, but I wanted to support and encourage opportunities for CLASS to promote further crossover of employees between departments based on my experience with Lenny.”