Mark, with assistance from his Community Partner, met with his supervisor to discuss the challenges he was facing.

Not knowing where to turn for help, Mark was referred to the Community Partners Program by a friend.  Mark was struggling at his job and experiencing financial stress.  
At work Mark had difficulty completing the tasks of his job thoroughly because of miscommunications with his employer.  Mark’s employer was unaware of his needs, so were not sure how to help Mark complete his tasks.  Because of the challenges he was facing, Mark was not motivated to go to work anymore which led to other concerns with tardiness and call offs.  Mark’s lack of communication added to the complications and began to affect his overall job performance.   At home, Mark’s challenges with communication continued.  Living with his sister and her family, Mark struggled to communicate with his family in a positive way, which led to many conflicts, including some regarding his finances.
Community Partners met with Mark and assisted him with assessing and prioritizing his needs.  Mark had determined that most of his immediate needs were with handling his finances.  Prior to working with Community Partners, Mark signed a contract to attend a local college, but did not fully understand the terms of the contract. Community Partners assisted Mark with understanding his obligations under the terms of the contract, which Mark realized he was not comfortable with.  Community Partners helped Mark advocate for himself, and the college agreed to terminate his contract.
Mark, with assistance from his Community Partner, met with his supervisor to discuss the challenges he was facing at work.  As a result, strategies and tools were put in place to help Mark become more successful at work.  After some time, Mark and his employer agreed that the job was not the best fit for him.  Community Partners assisted Mark with applying for Unemployment Compensation and Social Security Disability Benefits for which he was approved.
To help Mark communicate his needs with his family, Mark’s Community Partner encouraged him to schedule regular meetings with his family so he could be more comfortable and open with his family.  His Community Partner helps him develop plans for the meetings, so he is prepared to discuss his feelings and concerns.
To ensure Mark’s continued success with meeting his goals, Community Partners referred him to the Office of Intellectual Disabilities.  Assistance was provided to gather all of the necessary information and paperwork to complete the intake process for services.  He was assigned a Supports Coordinator, who works closely with Mark and his family to locate housing and long-term formal support in the community of his choice.  
While Mark has enrolled for formal support, Community Partners continues to assist Mark with his doctors’ appointments and medical information, as well as organizing and responding to the mail he receives.  Mark continues to be an active member of The Seekers, a peer support and networking group for participants in the Community Partners Program.